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Donald Barten


At first Donald Barten was reported missing. Enquiries were made by the family in the following months. In May 1918 his mother requested that his property should be returned to her. In July she was finally sent a letter formally concluding, on the grounds of lapse of time, that he was dead.

In early 1919, Donald's brother, Stanley, was still making repeated enquiries as to the whereabouts of his will, which was eventually returned. Donald's estate amounted to 220. A war gratuity 16 was paid in September 1919.

Donald has no grave, but is commemorated at the Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, France.

At the entrance is the following inscription: 'To the glory of God and to the enduring memory of 7048 officers and men of the forces of the British Empire who fell at the Battle of Cambrai 20 Nov - 3 Dec 1917 but who have no known grave their names are here recorded'.

Cambrai memorial

The Cambrai memorial

Donald Barten's name inscribed

Donald's name inscribed

(The inscription is found at the rear of the memorial, inside a semi-circular ambulatory, seen behind the altar in the photograph above)

Cambrai memorial dedication
The dedication

(The dedication is found at the front of the memorial, to the left of the three arches. It is repeated, in French, on the right)

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