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Tashkent - Mustaqillik (Independence) Park. Memorial to Uzbeks killed in WWII.

Tashkent - Mustaqillik (Independence) Park. What was once a bare cauldron of a Soviet parade ground is now a people's park with greenery and fountains.

Tashkent - Soviet-era memorial to 1966 earthquake

Bukhara - Ismail Samani mausoleum. Visitors from the Fergana Valley (they later prayed inside the mausoleum).

Well at Rabat-i-Malik caravanserai, near Navoiy, on the road between Samarkand and Bukhara (11th century). Caravanserai were normally built every 30km.

Mir Sayyid Bahram mausoleum, Karmana, near Navoiy (10th century). Unusually for Uzbekistan, the monument is unrestored.

Snake's track near Yangikasgan desert camp

Dung beetles enjoy a post-coital moment

Yangikasgan desert camp - early morning

Aydarkul Lake. I walked round the lake, hoping to photograph the Kazak shepherd with his flock of sheep and goats. By the time I got there the flock had gone but the shepherd, who had come back for his donkey, kindly agreed to be photographed.

Tortoise in the hills near Aydarkul Lake, Uzbekistan

Samarkand - Shah-i-Zinda complex

Ulug Bek madrassah (15th century) - Registan Square , Samarkand. Access to the precariously leaning north minaret (see 'Quick Tour') was via the stairway on the left.

Ulug Bek madrassah (15th century) - Registan Square , Samarkand

Samarkand - Gur Amir mausoleum (15th century). Timur's burial place. Like many monuments in Uzbekistan, undergoing very thorough restoration.

Samarkand - Gur Amir mausoleum. The interior had been damaged by a fire caused by WWII evacuees. In this case restoration seemed skilful and sympathetic.

Samarkand - The three madrassahs of Registan Square

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