Maw / Apps Family History

My mother Kathleen Barnard, nee Maw (1923-1992) had a passionate interest in her family history, which she pursued for over a decade. She travelled many miles and spent many hours of enjoyable research in public record offices,  uncovering details of her ancestors, as far back as the 18th Century.

I present here, unaltered, the results of her endeavours. I hope that family members will take as much pleasure in reading these pages as did my mother in researching and writing them.

Julian Barnard

My mother, Kathleen Barnard, nee Maw (1923-1992)

Photograph taken while she was a student at the Royal Academy of Music

My grandfather, Robert Ainley Maw (1895-1943)

Photograph taken: 1928

My great grandfather, John William Apps (1866-1901)

My great, great grandmother, Susan Francis, nee Wilson (1836-1918)

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Family history account written by Kathleen Barnard

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Family history account written by Kathleen Barnard

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Family tree drawn by Kathleen Barnard (1.3 Mb)

Direct line of ancestors (0.2 Mb)
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